Purpose Driven

The RBR Foundation was formed out of the desire to create a deeper level of meaning behind our business. We believe we have been gifted with a powerful platform and our aspiration is to utilize our reach to help make the world a better place by informing our fans about foundations and nonprofits that they may have never heard of or have been informed of.

We are continually aligning ourselves with like-minded charities and nonprofit organizations to support them in achieving their goals and give them another outlet of exposure. 

In the past we have leveraged our platform by donating branding space on our race trucks to help raise both awareness and support of causes such as: Fraxa (Fragile X), AADA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), The Wounded Blue (Honoring Wounded Police Officers), MBSF (Motorsports Brain and Spine Foundation), etc. 

If you represent charity, foundation or nonprofit and are interested in exploring a relationship with us (at no cost) please reach out via kyle@reaumebrothersracing.com – We look forward to being a part of your team and mission!



The only way to institute a large change is to start with a small step in the right direction. 

“We need to be mindful of our sustainability and carbon footprint as a business and as a sport in whole. Our actions and awareness as an organization need to be striving towards a more discerning future.”

– Josh Reaume 

As the world grows and becomes more educated on how to be sustainable, we too must look at how we can make a difference in our sport and our communities. It is extremely important to us that we partner with businesses that are making efforts to eliminate their carbon footprint any way they can.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our greatest asset as a team is our people. Not only do we invest in our team members, but we aim to produce a team culture and atmospheres that is inspiring to others. We believe that together we are better. We desire to show the world what is possible when people of various backgrounds and life experiences work together towards a common goal. 

Reaume Brothers Racing is proud to be the most diverse team in NASCAR.

“Our strength is in the diversity of our team and the ability to unite people of different backgrounds around a common passion - Racing.”