Want your Reaume Bros Merch Autographed?

If you would like to send in merchandise and/or autograph requests, you will need to send then to the address listed below:

110 Fernwood Lane, Moorseville NC 28117

When you send in your request, we also ask that you send a self-addressed stamped envelope so we can promptly return your merchandise back to you. If you are requesting a hero card, please include a 9” x 12” envelope with the proper postage as determined by the United States Postal Service with your request. This is a requirement. If not followed your request will not be processed.

Please note that Reaume Brothers Racing is not responsible for items lost in transit. We strongly discourage sending valuables through the mail.

We appreciate your request and your interest in Reaume Brothers Racing. Please note that we receive a large volume of requests regularly. Please allow up to 3-4 months for processing.